Fried Salad Snack Processing Machine

Fried Salad Snack Processing Machine

The Fried salad snack process line is for processing dough with wheat flour, and then shaping and cutting the skin into forming products. After being pressed by serious stainless rollers, they can be separately cut into pillow or stick shapes and expanded by frying. After that, they can be...

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1. Description of Machinery Line Production Food

          Automatic Flour Snacks Maker  uses double screw extruding technique to replace the traditional steam boiling process. It includes mixing, cooking, extruding, and shaping process, no needing boiler, with simple process, high efficiency and little pollution. The raw materials can be rice powder, corn powder, wheat flour individually or their mixture. Only by changing the moulds, shaping or cutting machine, the shapes can be various: sticks, square sheet rib chips, diamond chips, wavy chips, pillow shapes and bugles etc. The taste is good and no greasiness.

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