Pet Cat Fish Dog Food Machines/extruder/processing Line

Pet Cat Fish Dog Food Machines/extruder/processing Line

Pet dog food processing line is specially designed to produce daily food and healthy food for every kind of pet dog/cat,fish,frog,tortoise etc.Adopting pre-conditioning system for raw material ,it can increase capacity and reduce power.

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Product Details

Pet dog food machine Brief information:


Pet dog food processing line is specially designed to produce daily food and healthy food for every kind of pet dog/cat,fish,frog,tortoise etc.Adopting preconditioning system for raw material ,it can increase capacity and reduce power 


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 (1) The Twin screws pet food extruder is researched and developed by Jinan Shengrun Machinery Company based on the foreign advanced technology.


(2) The Twin screws pet food extruder produce the pet food used of meat, cereals, grain, vitamins and minerals. The general grains, such as soya bean meal, corn meal, cracked wheat, and barley, are often used to improve the consistency of the products.


(3)In addition, Twin screws pet food extruder  can be applied to process the bait for aquarium fish, pets` food, porket feed, puffed feed for young animals, livestock and poultry as well as other puffed food of high quality.  


Product Description

Pet dog food extrusion machine Feature:


1. Turnkey project


2.Basic dog/fish food formular supported


3.Automatic proportion and drying system


4.Puffed extrusion dog food machine 


5. Steam heating method with pre-conditional system


6. Various shape and taste of pet food


7. Professional pet dog/cat ,fish food processing line design for clients



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