Automatic Twin Screw Extruder Dry Dog Food Machine

Automatic Twin Screw Extruder Dry Dog Food Machine

This line can be adjusted to produce various shapes of pet food for cat, dog, fish, shrimp, bird and so on. It has many production capacities to choose according to your specific requirements. High automatic, easy operation, stable performance, easy maintenance and wide range of materials are the main features of this line.

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Product Details

       This line can be adjusted to produce various shapes of pet food for cat, dog, fish, shrimp, bird and so on. It has many production capacities to choose  according to your specific requirements. High automatic, easy operation, stable performance, easy maintenance and wide range of materials are the main features of this line. This line adopts bone powder, fish meal, corn powder and so on as raw materials.The final feed is nutritional, multishape, attractive, highly digestible which can be loved by your pet and fish.
Materials: Corn powder, Wheat flaour,Fish powder, bone powder,etc and water.

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  •  Capacity : 140 - 160kg/h,240 - 260kg/h, 500-600kg/h

  •  Consumption: Low electricity and labor consumption

  •  Design: With flexible design based on the client's demands, we provide turnkey project.

Flow Chart of Pet Food Machine: 
Raw material---Mixing---Screw Conveying---Extruding---Air Conveying---Drying---Air Conveying---Flavoring---Cooling

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Equipments List of Pet Food Machine: 


1. Mixer


2. Screw Conveyor


3. Twin Screw Extruder


4. Air Conveyor


5. Multi-layer Oven


6. Hoister


7. Roller


8. Oil Sprayer

Technical Parameters of Pet Food Machine: 

Installed Power76kw95kw178kw
Power Consumption54kw66kw125kw
Production Capacity140 - 160 kg/h240 - 260 kg/h500 kg/h

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